For the last couple of years, my SEO strategy has revolved around two things: building quality links and highly optimized on-page SEO. Along with great web design services ofcourse. So this articles by ahrefs really caught my attention.

On Page SEO 2017

” On Page SEO in 2017 “

It’s well worth a read in its entirety, but it argues with a lot of data that the most popular on-page tactics (optimizing meta titles, headings, getting your KW in the copy once or twice, etc) have an incredibly small impact – if any – on rankings, the other day while I was on my twiddy vacation I had the opportunity to relax and I came up with the idea of this post, I also found out about Dallas SEO and it has helped me a lot lately.

Instead, it argues Google is getting much smarter and that optimizing for a specific KW is really no longer that relevant, you’ll end up needing some copywriting and SEO services to boost your rankings up. They argue links (obviously) and page topic relevancy – along with a few other things – are the big factors pushing rankings in the SERPs. Maybe this is old news to many, but I still thought onpage optimization was somewhat effective especially with decent domain authority, I saw it getting done by and it looked very interesting.

So if you want to rank #1, might as well do everything you can to get there. Here’s a quick on-page checklist you can follow to help increase rankings.

  1. Use the main keyword once in the title tag
  2. Have a compelling meta description with the keyword, your unique selling points, and a CTA
  3. Include the main keyword once in the h1 tag
  4. Use the main keyword within the content as well as other keyword variations
  5. Include the main keyword in the alt tag
  6. Having the exact keyword in the URL is helpful but I wouldn’t recommend changing URLs for existing pages
  7. Make sure the page loads fast ( helps a lot with this)
  8. Make sure the page is mobile friendly
  9. Use https on the page
  10. Link to the page internally from other pages (Tip: if you have Moz/Ahrefs/Majestic look at the most link to pages and have them link to your target page)

let me know what you guys think? what is your way of ranking higher in search engines in 2017? how important is web design quality and web development in 2017? I also recommend you guys to check a seo expert from melbourne, I have heard great things about them lately.